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                        Home Depot Services for Government Customers

                        Better solutions for government buyers

                        Buyers from federal, state and local governments, the military and educational institutions will find The Home Depot ready to be your company of choice. Our dedicated government solutions team, available procurement contracts and national network offer an unparalleled supply chain for your needs.

                        • COMPETITIVE PRODUCT PRICING
                        • DEDICATED NATIONAL SUPPORT TEAM 

                              & 2,200 + LOCATIONS

                        • LOW-COST DELIVERY OPTIONS
                        • CONVENIENT PAYMENT OPTIONS
                        Tailored Support and Partnerships
                        Support for government agencies Tailored Support for Government Agencies

                        There's no cost to participate and no minimum spending requirement to access:

                        Partnership with state and local partnerships Our Partnerships with State & Local Organizations

                        OMNIA Partners is a government cooperative purchasing program that combines and strengthens the purchasing power of public entities nationwide. The result is reduced cost and the assurance that your agency meets the requirements for competitive solicitation.

                        Public agencies registered with OMNIA Partners get Xtra savings & services. If you need assistance with enrollment please call 866-333-3551 or visit the OMNIA Partners enrollment page.

                        Supporting Our Federal Customers
                        Federal dollars go further at The Home Depot
                        Supporting Federal customers

                        At The Home Depot we've made it easy for federal government buyers to get in and out quickly by offering automatic tax exemptions on all federal government purchase card transactions - both in stores and on homedepot.com. We also accept federal government purchase orders with appropriate approvals.

                        Simplifying Tax Exemption
                        With our one-step tax exempt registration, tax exempt customers, including buyers for state and local governments or state-defined exempt organizations, retailers, resellers and manufacturers no longer have to complete the in-store paperwork with every exempt transaction.

                        YOU CAN REGISTER HERE

                        Once approved, you'll be issued a tax ID to enter at checkout for tax exemption on eligible purchase

                        Register Today

                        Once you’re approved, shop in our stores or online and simply provide your tax ID at checkout to receive tax exemption on your eligible purchases. 

                        ? You can elect to receive email reminders to renew your registration, and easily make changes for your business or organization

                        ? Take advantage of your status when you shop in the store or online

                        ? All federal government purchases are automatically tax exempt

                        Tax department phone number and information